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17 hours ago, Gangrel said:

Brute pushed Windows7 up there :) |

Date: Monday February 20 2017

Server: ZM#1

Map: KF-KaukasusCastleZM


Wow! That was some time ago. You got a pic of the event! Haha. That's nice. At first i was confused as to how i got there, until i realized the BRUTE did it, when it hit me i was thrown up there. Haha. How's that for luck! Thanks for the pic. This makes my day. :aiwan-lol::declare:

Err by the way, it's Win_7 and not Windows7 haha. Thanks again.

Edited by Win_7
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В 12/3/2017 в 18:18, StonedJesus сказал:

Vale la pena subir de nivel este beneficio sin cosas vip, los jugadores están totalmente equivocados.


que nostalgia, los buenos tiempos en el clan KaK se paso bien, me pregunto que será de StonedJesus

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