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Hi everyone!

ZombieManiya|EVENT reopens a hot hug for you again!






You should just try to kill two bosses: Patriarch and Hans.

The Player who would kill Patriarch gets First place. Another one who would kill Hans gets Second place.

Sounds simple, isn't it? But...



Server properties


At the time of the Event ZombieManiya#1 (TotalLine) server would be renamed to ZombieManiya|EVENT.

Difficulty: Suicidal.

Number of waves: 8.

Level 100 perks are provided for each.

Hunter perk would be disabled.

Also disabled bonuses from Donate Shop:

    - weapons;

    - damage multipliers;

    - experience multipliers.


Map: KF-ArtGallery_v2.



When? When? When?

Event begins on July 9th at 19:00 (Moscow time). 

You should take diapers and more comrades with you.



What about the prize?


As said before, the one who would slay Hans gets Second place, and the other one who will fill Patriarch's body with shrapnel - gets First.


First place prize: any weapon from Donate Shop on player's choice with x2 experience multiplier for 14 days.

Second place prize: any weapon from Donate Shop on player's choice with x2 experience multiplier for 7 days.




After bosses will be killed do not leave server until map will be changed.

Winners need to write their Personal ID's and desired weapons from Donate Shop to Lelya in private messages.


*Changes may be made to the conditions described above, but no later than one day before the Event start.




Enjoy the game on ZombieManiya



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In this event, the bosses won an unconditional victory!





The administration decided to issue incentive prizes for the number of killed specimens:

1. Don_Sergo - any weapon  from Donate Shop on player's choice for 14 days.

2. Qvazimodoany weapon from Donate Shop on player's choice for 7 days.




We are waiting for everyone again at the next event.

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