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So, Event opening was ended unexpectedly, both for bosses and players.


But there is no time to look back - they coming again to check your readiness.

Here's what you need to know before they come...




Well, what this time?

Just shoot. More. And more. AND MORE.


The player who will deal the most damage to enemies will get some useful bonuses. Your chosen perk or weapon does not matter - any damage done by you is considered.



Would it be hard?


See for yourself:

Difficulty: Hell on Earth.

Number of waves: 10.

Level 100 granted for each player.

Hunter perk would be disabled.

And, as always, bonus items from Donate Shop would disabled too:

    - weapons;

    - damage multipliers;

    - experience multipliers.



Just tell me where and when

You will meet them all at KF-Mutilation-Chamber.

Come with other brave guys on July 16 at 19:00 (Moscow time).

Server ZombieManiya#1|Totalline would be renamed to ZombieManiya|EVENT again.



Hey, I want something delicious too!

This time everyone got a chance to deal as more damage as possible and became our Shooting Star player. 

No, wait... two players... or three?

Yes, on Second Summer Event Game we offer three prize places for three most shooting players!


First prize placeany weapon from Donate Shop on player's choice with x2 experience multiplier for 14 days.

Second prize placex2 experience multiplier for 14 days.

Third prize placex2 experience multiplier for 7 days.



Don't forget!

After bosses will be killed do not leave server until map will be changed.

After calculating the damage winners will be announced here.

Winners need to write to Renz in private messages.



*Changes may be made to the conditions described above, but no later than one day before the Event start.



Enjoy the game on ZombieManiya

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The Second Summer Event 2019 Game was finished and we proudly present to you our Three Shooting Stars!

Congratulations to these guys on a fair victory:



1st placeQvazimodo, with total damage in 1 736 408 points

2nd place: Phantym, with total damage in 1 603 796 points
3rd place: Dildo, with total damage in 1 388 133 points




Don't forget, you need to write to Renz in private messages with indication of your Personal IDs

to receive your well-deserved awards.





Keep check for our news - The Third Summer Event 2019 Game would be announced soon.


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