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Attention! Attention!

ZombieManiya looking for Ruthless Smashers!


We need fearless guys who have their own approach to killing zombies.




Please, kill them all. Try to kill as many as you can.

Whoever would kill the most of specimens gets sweet presents.



How many of them would there be?

A lot of.

Your ruthlessness must accompany you throughout 10 Suicidal waves!

But remember:

- Hunter perk would be disabled;

- bonuses from Donate Shop would be disabled (weapons, experience and damage multipliers).

Instead of it you will gain level 100 of every perk. Choose one that you prefer and smash them down.



Already prepared your guns?

They are everywhere.

I can't say where they would be, but i know, that most of them would come tomorrow, on July 20th at 19:00 (Moscow time).

Try to look for ZombieManiya|EVENT server and you will find them.




Actually, but for what?


Indeed, it seems I forgot about it.


We offer for their killing 3 prize places:

1st prize place: any weapon from Donate Shop on player's choice,  x2 experience multiplier  for 14 days and access to Private Server  for 1 month

2nd prize placex2 experience multiplier for 14 days and access to Private Server  for 1 month

3rd prize placex2 experience multiplier for 7 days and access to Private Server for 1 month



And finally...

Don't leave server after bosses will be killed.

Winners need to write to Renz in private messages.


Show your ruthlessness to them!



Enjoy the game on ZombieManiya



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30 greedy guys was ruthless not only to zombies, but to mates too.

But we got THREE of them, who SMASHED THE MOST of these nasty heads.


We congratulate:

1st place: [NO]Mercy

2nd place: RayLeighKNR

3rd place: Don_Sergo


...and inviting them to pick up the well-deserved prizes by writing a private message to Renz.




Stay in touch, we'll announce next Summer Event Game soon!



Here's a little photo report:






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